Small steps: How to start?

Recently, we’ve been using this method a lot; that is using what is being taught in school and just talking about topics relating to these. We know how hard it is with our work schedule, on the home front with chores and having to engage our little ones everyday.

If your child is already in school, then what you want to do is really simple. At the end/start of the week when the school updates on the weekly topics, you would want to quickly jot it down somewhere you will have access to multiple times a day. And for us that would be the… refrigerator!

  1. Write down some key things they’re learning; what are some of the new words they learnt this week. The idea is to keep it handy, somewhere we could easily have access to without much effort. (We know… sometimes even powering up the school application is time consuming)
  2. You can talk about, look for story books or materials you already have at home to revisit these topics or words

There are so many materials out there but sometimes even searching / googling / and printing them out takes so much effort than the actual activity – So we often find ourselves using whatever we can find readily available at home!

Remember that it doesn’t always have to be an elaborate set-up, Consistency is key!

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