Bedtime stories (Set of 100 short stories) 睡前故事 with 汉语拼音


The book set we love so much! If you struggle to read Chinese characters, this is the perfect book set to get because… it comes with “han yu pin yin”! And if that is not enough, you could even scan the QR code on the back of every book if you’d like someone else narrate the story instead! Each story is really short, with approximately 11 pages on average. Excellent for our little ones with short attention span and also way less intimating for parents who struggle to read in Chinese!

The titles you can expect in this book set includes some classic titles such as “Three little pigs 三只小猪“, ”Cinderella 灰姑娘“ and “Sleeping beauty 睡美人“. There are also many other titles which usually ends with a moral story to it and this makes each reading session so much more meaningful to us!

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